About Me

I have been taking pictures for over 40 years. I started like a lot of people, in school by taking pictures of
things I was involved in by way of clubs etc. Later on I got interested in fire photography.
The early photos were mostly color as I liked to capture a scene the way my eyes saw it.

I moved to the digital world about 13 years ago after it had stabilized and I liked the pictures I was seeing.
I also switched from being a Canon owner to a Nikon user. I have been very happy with current equipment
but have upgraded to my first full format digital camera.

I enjoy a lot of hobbies and quite a few pictures are from those hobbies!
Right now I am in a year long transition and will keep posting some of my old photos as well as some of
my pictures from my road trip across America. If you are interested in using any of them please contact me
via email  wa2ntw - yahoo, change it to correct format (simple spam prevention).